St. Mark Catholic Elementary School

Faith Initiatives

At St. Mark Catholic School, we strive to live our faith by building and sustaining a community of believers who make gospel values come alive daily. Every morning, we dedicate our day to God, pray for each other and the world and ask for God’s blessings. The school adds to its daily prayers at lunch with grace before meals, and again at the end of the day. Each classroom has a prayer corner where students can go to read stories of faith, from books or from Scripture, and can look at various items of religious significance which may be in the prayer corner.

Our faith comes alive again during the many celebrations which occur during the year. We have a blessing for the new year in September, recitation of the Rosary every month, a prayer service for Remembrance Day in November, Advent celebrations in December, an Ash Wednesday celebration, prayer services during Lent, Stations of the Cross, and an end of the year prayer service and summer blessing. We go to mass the first Wednesday of each month at St. Marc’s Parish.

We also celebrate our faith by reaching out to those in need by collecting food in our food drives, raising money for Share Lent, making charitable donations to other worthy causes such as cancer and heart foundations. St. Mark students also make a quilt with on of our parent volunteers, which we donate to St. Marc Parish.

We recognize our students who demonstrate Catholic values by giving certificates to those students who are peacemakers in our school through demonstrating the values listed through the Terrific Kids program. We will be dedicating each month this year to the Beatitudes, encouraging students to try to live out the beatitudes in their daily lives. Students also contribute to the community by working with many organizations such as TD Friends of the Environment through many stewardship projects and with the local St-Marc Parish and the local Community Centre by cleaning up garbage found in the yard and on the streets.

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